You probably got the https aka ms remoteconnect error message when attempting to log in to your Minecraft account. The Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios created the popular video game Minecraft. More than 200 million copies have been sold of Minecraft globally as of 2022.

Mobile devices, such as Android, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, can be used to play the game. The only requirement is that you log in to play. But what is the role of https// account in Minecraft? is a website that connects you to Minecraft through a Minecraft account with different devices. It is more specifically a website that allows crossplay between Minecraft on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, etc.

If you are playing Minecraft on a PS console or Nintendo console and you are having trouble playing online, you may need to use particularly if you would like to play cross-platform, which lets you engage in online gameplay with other players regardless of their platforms or consoles.

The https// feature lets you easily connect to another Minecraft user using a different device than yours. You can access the crossplay feature with the link no matter what platform the user is using.

The Error Message 

You must first click the following link to complete the process. When you are still having issues after clicking the link follow below methods.

The error usually occurs when playing Minecraft on a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch. This error occurs due to an active Xbox Live account required to use Minecraft cross-platform.

https aka msremoteconnect

You can visit as soon as you receive this error by copying and pasting your unique code. Anyone with a Microsoft account can connect to Xbox Live for free.

For this reason, you will need to have access to your Microsoft account on your device to enable crossplay. When this happens, you may get an error message regarding remote connections.

Minecraft will work with your current Microsoft Account if you already use the same account to access it on another device. Only one of your Microsoft Accounts will link to a PlayStation Network account, so please choose

How Can I Get Https// Code?

With a Microsoft Live Account linked to your gaming console, you’ll be able to play Minecraft cross-platform with your friends. You do not need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft on any gaming console like PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and etc. But you can choose to have one.

Using a Microsoft account on a non-PS4 device or console lets you play your PS4 game on them. You can also transfer your purchases to another device from the Minecraft Store or Marketplace.

However, you will need to get the https aka ms remoteconnect code to perform most tasks. You will have to follow the given steps to get an easily eight-digit code.

  • Log in to Microsoft’s website by using your Microsoft credentials. You will see an eight-digit code displayed.
  • Then, enter the unique digital code at
  • Log into your Microsoft Live Account to link your accounts.
  • Your PlayStation Network account must be associated with the Microsoft account you wish to use. There is no way to undo this.
  • You can go to the Minecraft Game home screen by clicking Play after successfully signing in with your Microsoft account.
  • Swipe to the right to view the “Friends” tab.
  • To add a friend, click on “Add a Friend.”
  • Search for friends by entering your Microsoft Gamertag one at a time.

The same Microsoft Account will work when you access Minecraft from another device. Your console account is linked only to one Microsoft account. Be careful when selecting your account.

How To Fixed Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Error?

Following are the below methods to fix the account login error.

Method 1: Delete Corrupted Minecraft Data

Logging in from another device often triggers the Minecraft login error. Corrupted gaming files are responsible for the error. The fix for this is to remove all the saved and corrupted data from Minecraft and all the gaming files.

You can clear game data in the following ways:

  • Launch the Minecraft game on your gaming console.
  • Click the settings button.
  • Choose system settings from the options presented.
  • Open storage when you reach the system settings page.
  • Select game storage.
  • Navigate to the Minecraft game files.
  • Uninstall them.
  • You can try logging again to the remote connection page at
  • You can now use the appropriate credentials to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Method 2: Make A Microsoft Account

Second, you can create a new Microsoft account to fix the error. If users attempt to connect the device, they receive an https aka ms remoteconnect error. If your device has an issue with Microsoft, you should create a new account and remove the old one.

akamsremoteconnect microsoft account log in

Note: Below is the steps you can follow for creating a Microsoft account if you don’t have one.

  • Click the Create a Microsoft Account link on the Account page of You can also sign up directly at
  • Click on “Create Account” and enter your email address. It doesn’t matter what email address you have. Please enter your Google or Yahoo email address if you have one.
  • Proceed to the next step.

akamsremoteconnect eight digit code

Note: If you have a Microsoft account, you must follow specific steps to play Minecraft and access Microsoft.

  • Whenever you’re experiencing Minecraft error messages, you’ll be getting a code on the website. Record that code and check step 2.
  • Launch a web browser and navigate to
  • Fill out the Microsoft Login form with the code.
  • Choose Next to connect your gaming console to your Microsoft account.

You can access Minecraft by creating a new Microsoft account without dealing with https// problems.

Method 3:  Unlink Microsoft Accounts from Other Devices

The remote connect error’s main cause is from too many consoles logged in with your Microsoft account. Therefore, if your problem persists you may wish to remove the devices connected to your Microsoft account.

It is fairly straightforward to implement the method. Using the steps below, you can do so.

  • Visit the official Microsoft website.
  • Use your user name and password to log in.
  • View information about your device by selecting the show details option.
  • To view more information, click the manage button.
  • You can unlink the device by clicking Remove.

The error may appear when logging into a Microsoft account on the gaming device. Microsoft customer support or Minecraft can assist if the remoteconnect site is not working.

Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Account Setup for PS4 and PS5 Minecraft Crossplay

Following are the steps you can setup Minecraft account for PS4 and PS5 crossplay.

  • On your PS4 or Sony PlayStation device, visit the PlayStation store.
  • Enter “Minecraft PS4” and select the “download” button.
  • Sign up for a Microsoft account.
  • Click on the option to sign in on your device’s home screen.
  • From the Login page, click the link, and you will be redirected to the remote connection page.
  • Record the activation code that appears on the screen. You must activate your http// account by entering this code.
  • Click on and open your web browser.
  • The procedure works for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.
  • Use the console screen to enter the code.
  • After entering the code, click Next.
  • To complete the login process, follow the instructions on the screen.

Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Account Setup for XBOX Minecraft Crossplay

The steps below will guide you through the setup process for any Xbox console like Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.

  • Visit the Xbox game store from your Xbox device.
  • You can download Minecraft for the Xbox game store by searching “Minecraft” and clicking the download button.
  • Make sure you have a Microsoft account.
  • Log in from your device’s home screen by clicking sign in.
  • After you click the link on the Login page, you will get to the remote connection page.
  • Activate your device by recording the activation code. After entering the code, you will need to activate your account.
  • Open a web browser and visit
  • Using this method, you can use Windows, Macs, and mobile devices.
  • Enter the code in the console window.
  • Click Next once you have entered the code.
  • Following the instructions on your screen will complete the login process.

Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Account Setup for Nintendo Switch Minecraft Crossplay

Following is a step-by-step guide to play Minecraft with your friend on your Nintendo Switch.

  • From your Switch device, go to the Nintendo shop.
  • You can download Minecraft for Switch by searching “Minecraft” and clicking the download button.
  • Make sure you have an account with Microsoft.
  • By clicking sign-in on your device’s home screen, you can log in.
  • The remote connection page will appear after clicking the link on the Login page.
  • Take note of the activation code to activate your device. To use AKA MS Remote Connect, you must activate your account after entering the code.
  • Go to in a web browser.
  • Your computer, Mac, and mobile devices are all compatible with this method.
  • In the console window, enter the code.
  • After entering the code, click Next.
  • You must follow the instructions on your screen to log in.

How to Play Minecraft with Account?

It is easiest to set up crossplay with Microsoft’s Xbox consoles because interfacing with a Microsoft account with Xbox Live is the main obstacle to crossplay. Xbox owners do not have to worry about this since their Xbox Live accounts are active already. When you first set up your Xbox, you can create a new account if you don’t already have one.

Additionally, you can create an account on the Microsoft Account website After you have done this, launch Minecraft on your Xbox, and you’ll be able to play it right away. As soon as the game loads, you will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of crossplay in Minecraft.

How to Join and Create Minecraft Crossplay Game?

Once your device has been configured to play crossplay games with Minecraft, you will need to follow the same steps to create a crossplay game, no matter what platform you are using.

Choose the ‘Play’ option from the main menu, then select ‘New World’ under the ‘Worlds’ tab. In the multiplayer section, verify that the option appears for multiplayer. If it is, select ‘Create’ and you should be able to create a new world in which others can join you.

In addition to joining your worlds, you can also join others created by using the crossplay feature. Select the ‘Play’ option from the main menu when the game is booted up. Select ‘Friends’ from the drop-down menu.

Here, you should see a listing of the different games you can participate in. Depending on your console, there may be slight differences in how this list appears. No matter what, you can join your chosen game by clicking on the options listed.

How to Contact Minecraft Customer Service Team?

The customer service team is available to assist you if you cannot resolve your issue or if your question is not answered here. If you would like to contact the Minecraft customer service team via the online form, please visit

Provide your contact information, language preference, and the platform you are playing Minecraft on, and fill out the form. When you contact the customer team, you will choose ways to contact them based on your problem and question.

How to Fixed Website Login Errors?

You may have trouble logging into websites, but there are a few fixes you can try. Listed below are a few solutions that will quickly fix the issue that Minecraft does not allow remote connection.

Use Sign-in Code:

  • Start the Minecraft game.
  • You will find an option that allows you to link your Microsoft account by clicking on Sign in Access Multiplayer.
  • The next step is to enter the eight-digit code you will receive once you click on the link to your Microsoft account.
  • You will be able to enter the code you found on step one into a placeholder on the website on another system.
  • Follow the prompts in the next section to connect the device through Remote Connect.

You can open a fresh Microsoft account again if you have any errors with the remoteconnect code to generate a new one which you can then us on again.

If you cannot fix the website login issue even after following this method, you must follow some other steps. There may be some glitches, but you can quickly fix them by restarting your device. A simple restart will fix the problem when remoteconnect is not working while playing Minecraft.

Besides, make sure the account doesn’t exist on any other device. This error frequently appears when we have a Minecraft account logged in on another device, and we receive the error.

Other than this, the saved game data in Minecraft will need removal. It is possible that your old saved data, including your old gameplay data, has become corrupted.

The best thing to do is delete your game’s saved data and then log in again using the code. Try this step if you have already attempted the steps above but still experience remote connection issues in Minecraft.

First, uninstall the app and then log back in. Then try reinstalling the app again and see if it helps. The account login usually works by logging out and reinstalling.

FAQs About

Why Am I Seeing the Aka MS Remoteconnect Error?

Ans. The error may occur in either of two ways when you try to connect to https// If your device is not already associated with a Microsoft account, you will experience a crossplay error the first time you use Minecraft’s crossplay features.

A similar issue is possible when playing the game on non-Microsoft devices, such as PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.

Is the Aka MS Remoteconnect Website Safe to Use?

Ans. It is completely safe and legitimate to use Microsoft’s website addresses follow a common format, and the format aims to be concise and memorable.

A redirect takes you to It is a service provided by Microsoft that is hosted on its website and enables crossplay.

Do You Need a Microsoft Account to Play Minecraft?

Ans. Playing Minecraft on most devices does not require a Microsoft account, although versions based on Windows or Microsoft devices will likely require one.

As a result, if you wish to use the crossplay functionality on another device, like a PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account. This requirement for a Microsoft account has several reasons.

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